The Imagine Club - stimulating young minds

13th - 24th August 2007
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2007 Aug D-Days - click for more picturesD-Days – an amazing 2 week project for 40 children funded by The Kent Children’s Fund.

For 10 days The Imagine Club organised a packed programme of educational events starting with bus collection at 08.00 and ending with bus delivery at 16.30

In between there was breakfast and lunch, speakers galore and almost endless activities.

The aim of the project was to take a group of children exhibiting vastly differing levels of achievement and to provide them with an intense period of stimulating activity. The results were amazing and by the end of the two weeks a real difference was noticeable.

Interestingly, more than 1200 hours of tv watching was saved, there was 85 hours of “argument free” activity, no electronic games were used and with an average ratio of around 7 children per adult, each child received plenty of attention.

2007 Aug D-Days - click for more picturesThe project was based around the letter ‘D’ and all the activities followed the theme. Most popular was the day out to Diggerland where the children experienced hands on control of the large machines although the other activities such as the visit by the guide dog, the den building, the dragon boat building and the ‘dark arts’ (magician) were all much appreciated.

Throughout the project part of each day was dedicated towards the building of a dragon out of cardboard boxes and the resulting 24 foot long and 9 foot high creation was indeed a sight to behold.

Special thanks go to all those who generously gave time to support this project, in particular Jo Bennett and Karen Moore.

Ed Miles deserves mention as he gave up a full 2 weeks of his holiday to be part of the event.

The final thanks and the prize for effort must go to the Bakowski family from Poland who actually paid their air fare and gave up their family holiday to take part. The whole family worked tirelessly giving their full support to D-Days and helping to ensure that the Imagine Club really did challenge and stimulate the minds of young people.