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3rd - 5th October 2007
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Teaching Conference in Poland - click for more picturesJohn Gordon-Reid and Margaret Cooke (Headteacher of Chiddingstone Primary School) were invited by the British Council to give a presentation at the second Congress of Management in Education which was held in Poland at the beginning of October.

The Congress is organised by the National Association of Management Staff in Education and is presented by The British Council, The President of Poznan and the Association of Polish Cities.

Over 1000 delegates attended the event and around 350 heard the presentation about The Imagine Club links with Poland.

Teaching Conference in Poland - click for more picturesLizzie (10) and Emily (10) flew with John and Margaret from the UK and along with Hannia and Piotr from Poland they presented a 20 minute bi-lingual retrospective (synchronised with a slideshow) of the activities that have taken place.

Margaret Cooke commented “This has been a most exciting and hugely beneficial experience for the children. Truly character building. The cross curricular activities that were required to succeed with the presentation have taken these children far beyond the normal Primary school levels of achievement. They carried themselves with supreme confidence and gave a performance that could only be described as outstanding.”

Dorota Krasniewska, Head of Education and Youth at the British Council in Poland commented; “The children were absolutely amazing. It is marvellous that they can rise to such an occasion and it is a credit to The Imagine Club that they can put together such a presentation. The link is a real success”.

Whilst in Poland, the group also took time to visit School 89 and meet with some of the Polish children who were due to visit England later in the month.