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9th May 2007
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On 9th May The Imagine Club ran a full day of science for about 90 KS2 children at Chiddingstone Primary School.

Mike Gluyas gave a fascinating keynote talk including incredible demonstrations of the power and limitations of sound.

Particularly memorable was the section which enabled calculation of age through auditory response (thus allowing the children to work out how old the teachers were!), and also the “confused sounds” during which a teacher was equipped with headphones and their speech played back to them with a time delay resulting in the teacher being unable to form simple sentences. The “dancing slinky” and the “tummy sounds” were also discussed in great detail afterwards.

Looks Good, Sounds Good - click for more picturesWorkshop topics covered all kinds of communication both visual and audible (including sign language and semaphore as well as Morse code), a visit from a Hearing Dog and a section covering electrical circuitry. Chris Brannick of Ensemble Bash ran an amazing drumming workshop which generated complex rhythms and large number of decibels.

Special thanks to Ian Brown and Dr Hunt and also to all the teachers for their enthusiasm.

A good day was enjoyed by all and the exercise proved particularly useful to the Yr 6 children who had questions in their SATS papers a few days later which had been addressed directly during the day.