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12th - 16th October 2007
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2007 Oct Visit to UK - click for more pictures21 children and 6 teachers arrived at Luton airport on the 12th October for a 4 night stay in the UK. They were accommodated by the families of children involved in the on-going link between school 89 in Poznan and the new link with a school in Mlodojewo.

The trip was aimed at helping the visitors to improve their English, enabling cultural exchange involving the whole family, providing a platform to the Polish teachers for personal development and giving the host children the opportunity to cover a lot of cross curricular activity in preparation for the visitors.

As well as time in Chiddingstone Primary School, the children enjoyed a trip to London, BBQ’ and fireworks, film nights, lots of games and challenges, a football and a netball match and of course, an Imagine day.

2007 Oct Visit to UK - click for more picturesWith the title “Build It, Move It, Break It” the day was based around workshops such as den building, animated film making, and car wars in which radio controlled car chassis were used as the basis for building and battling.

The visit was deemed highly successful and Magda Dziurla (Head of English at School 89) wrote after the event: “Thanks for all your kindness during our stay in England. I appreciate your efforts to make us comfortable. I really admire your commitment in the whole event. The Polish children feel happy and they are full of positive emotions”.

The host families were full of praise about the behaviour of the visitors and requests have already been received for children to be included in future exchanges.

The children returned safely to Poland from Stansted after a chilly and damp farewell at Chiddingstone which was nonetheless full of warmth and affection from both the hosts and the visitors.