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17th - 19th September 2007
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2007 Sep Expanded Workshop in Poland - click for more picturesSmall groups and multiple repetitions of workshops were the features of the Imagine Club visit to two schools in Poland in September.

4 UK teachers gave 2 full days of intensive workshops using highly engaging topics as a way of encouraging language and scientific learning.

2007 Sep Expanded Workshop in Poland - click for more picturesThe “English Lunchbox” workshop enabled children to explore the chemistry of food (including chromatography and Ph value testing) whilst engaging in discussion about English culture and thinking about food. The “Visit to London” workshop used a floormap of the River Thames as a way of discussing direction and movement whilst considering some of the major attractions of the city.

During the trip The Imagine Club was able to award a free visit to the UK for one boy and one girl (awarded for the most enthusiasm and effort) as part of the British Council support for the link.

Sally Quirk commented; “It has been most interesting as well as absolutely exhausting! There are many useful parallels that can be drawn between the teaching of English in Poland and our teaching of French in England”.

Nathalie Presland noted that “It has been a real eye-opener. It is marvellous to have the chance to view things from a different angle. Having sat in on a Polish English lesson it really brings home the challenges of making language learning engaging and exciting.”

The event certainly engaged the children and the “hands on” nature of the event really caught their imagination.