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Summer Term 2008
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2008 Summer Term Chain Challenge - click for more picturesThis was a major pilot that ran in 7 schools from a cluster, involved over 220 children and created 84 Imagine Ambassadors.

The chain was structured a little like a giant game of ‘Chinese Whispers’. An initial group of children were ‘trained’. They took on the role of ‘Ambassador’ and visited a school where the children held the role of ‘Host’ During a very full and action packed day, the Ambassadors guided the Host children through a range of demonstrations and workshops (based around the topics of Magnets, Skeletons and Slime) and the Host children worked to make the Ambassadors welcome in their school. At the end of the day the equipment was packed up and audited and then passed on to the Host school who then had 1 week to choose their ‘Ambassadors’. The new group then visited a Host school and the chain continued.

The day followed the same pattern in all cases; a keynote presentation was given at the start of the day by John Gordon-Reid and after that the Ambassadors were let loose! They were 100% in charge and had to deal with all the challenges a teacher faces on a daily basis: discipline, communication, presentation, inclusion and a host of other issues. It was a marvellous learning curve for both staff and pupils.

All the material was prepared by The Imagine Club including the presentation scripts that the youngster used. TIC also arranged all the transport and liaised with the schools.

Christine Newell, The Head of Primary Excellence for the school cluster organised the funding for the pilot and afterwards commented:

Thank you so much for all of this and your feedback and views. I agree that the project was well received because you had done so much preparation and the schools had little to do. I think all teachers gained a lot from seeing how such a project could be set up. I have always felt that peer to peer teaching really helps children in so many ways, socially and intellectually.

She went on to say:

Thank you again for such a successful project.

The following feedback is from a school which has for the last 5 years achieved a 100% performance rating in science:

"It certainly was an excellent learning experience for the children - and myself. We have photographs of the event on display at school in order to bring back memories of our involvement. The children who acted as Ambassadors certainly gained a great deal in understanding.

As I said to you, thank you too for your organising of the events and for your 'Keynote'. The demonstrations were first class and the children gained much more from your presentations than any we had been involved in before.

Many, many thanks.

Yours sincerely, Norman Whitfield Science Coordinator."

Have a look at the picture gallery HERE to see the Ambassadors in action.