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June 2008
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2008 June Pick A Card - click for more picturesThe challenge was very simple:

Write a story and draw a picture.

They did, however, have to both fit on the back of a postcard!

It is so easy for a young person to start writing a story and then meander through with no firm structure or idea of outcome. PICK A CARD addressed this directly with the challenge of writing a complete story in an area the size of a postcard and then adding illustration to allow a little more creative expression. Good old fashioned cash prizes were on offer for the best boy and the best girl in each year group (£5 each!) and their was a further £10 prize for the overall best boy and best girl.

TIC had arranged for the well known children’s author Ian Whybrow to visit and judge the competition as well as speaking to all the children about the joys of writing.

A simple and straightforward competition that generated some beautifully presented work and engaged a large number of children in creative writing.

Have a look at the two winning stories – one from Yr 5 and one from Yr 2.

2008 June Pick A Card - click for more pictures2008 June Pick A Card - click for more pictures