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12th - 15th May 2008
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2008 May Visit to Poland - click for more pictures“Chiddingstone touring in Poland” was what it said on the children’s sweatshirts and that is exactly what happened.

A marvellously easy flight (with 2 youngsters being “first timers”) and a warm welcome from some of our friends made for a lovely start to the adventures. The activities kicked off straight away with a trip to a large and lively city school where a wide range of challenges and games had been prepared by our hosts. There was a chance to renew acquaintances with some of the youngsters who had visited the UK last November and a delicious dinner to send us on our way.

Tuesday was a beautiful morning and allowed the group to fully appreciate the beauty of the surroundings in the National Park wildlife centre. The day was spent working in the field and the laboratories along with a large group of children from Mlodojewo School. A huge variety of wildlife was studied although the most popular was undoubtedly the Stork which had nested on top of the telegraph pole. The children were also privileged to be given a special tour, led by a Monk, of the stunningly beautiful 14th century monastery.

2008 May Visit to Poland - click for more picturesA short bus journey took the group to the village school for a long evening of social activities, a sausage sizzle, sports challenges and lots of chatting which rounded off the day.

Wednesday was a long journey across the country and down to Krakow. The afternoon was passed in the Wieliczka salt mine and the evening was spent in Krakow town centre where traditional Polish food was eaten in marvellous surroundings in an old town apartment.

Thursday started with a walk around the Medieval castle and the Market square and finished with lunch in one to the oldest restaurants in Poland which has previously welcomed both Royalty and celebrities and can now include The Imagine Club on it’s list of important clientele.

The trip was hugely educational with literally every moment of every day including some kind of educational element as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with a youngster learning how to manage in the wider world.