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12th - 15th November 2008
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2008 November Ecology Awareness Visitors - click for more pictures4 very lucky children from Mlodojewo (and 2 teachers) visited the UK for a 3 night trip as part of the on-going Imagine project to encourage international discussion and understanding of environmental issues.

For a long time now TIC has been working with one of the Polish government departments to design and prepare a programme that will enable children from the UK and Poland to share thoughts and ideas about how our actions and choices affect our surroundings and the environment.

Frequently topics are taken in isolation and issues are not viewed in their full context. TIC aims to encourage awareness of these topical issues by facilitating discussion that moves away from the ‘local’ and considers the ‘global’.

As well as visiting Chiddingstone School, the children spent time at the Bore Place ecological centre where they enjoyed cooking activities and discussion about food. They also managed to visit London as well as find plenty of time for social activities with children from Yr 5 and Yr 6.

Pictures of the visit can be seen HERE.

Also, click HERE to see the visit on the Polish local authority website.