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2nd - 5th June 2009
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2009 June Visit to Krakow - click for more picturesSome people might think that there would be little to do on such a trip but how wrong they would be!

24 children aged 10 (along with some adults!) enjoyed a hugely successful visit to this beautiful city.

There were so many activities crammed into the trip that it really does not seem possible that they all happened:

Give a presentation to a primary school, climb the bell tower, lick the wall in a salt mine, ride a rattly tram, sit in a helicopter at the aviation museum, eat Pierogi, sing and dance around a piano in a restaurant, meet the (fire breathing) Dragon of Krakow at the Castle, watch the entertainers in the market square, and, of course, shop!!!

All this and a whole lot more gave the youngsters the chance to discover a whole lot more about themselves and to immerse themselves in the culture of a country that is close by but so very different.

One of the children wrote up the trip for a newspaper, an extract follows:

A school trip to the east of Europe might not be your first idea however when I visited Poland with 23 other Year 5 children I was captivated by the rich heritage and the warmth of the people.

It is difficult to decide which my most favourite moment from our time in Krakow was as every minute of the trip held special interest. The dinner we had in the beautiful restaurant with lovely tablecloths, candles and friendly waiters was especially memorable as we ended the evening dancing around the piano and singing many songs including the Polish version of Frere Jacques which we had learned before we started the trip.

The sightseeing was amazing and we were lucky enough to visit The Salt Mine which has parts that are 700 years old. Huge caverns have been excavated deep under the ground and the miners in their spare time have carved amazing statues and sculptures. The mine has been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. If you lick the walls, they all taste of salt!

We also visited an aviation museum and saw some unique World War 1 airplanes as well as many more modern machines. We spent a lot of time in the old Market Square, we walked to the Castle and we also rode on a tram to the Jewish Quarter where we were shown around one of the oldest synagogues in Europe.

Before our trip we had prepared a presentation about our small village and we gave our talk to the children of the school that we visited. They made us extremely welcome and performed a lot of songs and sketches in both English and French for us. Unfortunately we were not very keen on the traditional Polish Pierogi (ravioli) they served us for lunch but we smiled and said thankyou!

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Poland and we all learned a huge amount about the country, the history and the diverse culture. I hope The Imagine Club carries on so that many more children have the chance to visit such interesting places.