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26th November 2005
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80 children aged 7 – 11 came along for a day like never before!!

With workshop titles such as “bury your pharaoh” and “death and decomposition” things were bound to be a little unusual.

The star of the show was undoubtedly the mummified head and hand, kindly loaned to The Imagine Club for the day by Eton College. Valued somewhere in the region of a quarter of a million pounds, around 4,000 years old and just centimetres from the children’s fingers it was a unique chance for the youngsters to really study a mummy complete with teeth, fingernails and even a ring.

The West Kent Police were on hand for the whole day and talked about forensic science in the broadest sense ranging from crime scene recording through to the detection of cannabis in a body – either alive or dead!!.

Hands on workshops covered such topics as “teeth” and “bones” and gave the children the opportunity to handle genuine artefacts (including skulls) so that they were able to appreciate the differences between male and female and also to start to discover just how much information can be gleaned from seemingly anonymous items.

The 3 dimensional ‘glow in the dark’ board game that everybody made and took home has proved a big hit, as was the chemistry session in which, using techniques such as chromatography and flame testing, the youngsters were guided through a process of elimination to find out who had stolen the sweets. Fortunately Mrs Cutter, Director of Studies at Walthamstow Hall managed to ensure the sweets were returned and enjoyed by all.

The day was incredible; both for the amount of information into which the children were gently immersed and also for the amount of enthusiasm and energy put in by all the helpers and supporters.

Perhaps it is best summed up by the e-mail received from Samantha Davies, age 10 ...

Thank you very much for the great day out on 26/11.
I really enjoyed it.
Hope to see you soon, Egypt ROCKZ.